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About Diconex (Phils.) Inc.
Diconex (Phils.), Inc. started out as a modest agri-vet trading operation with a small customer base but offering a unique line of revolutionary products for a very competitive and result oriented industry. With our staff’s resilience and determination to succeed in the marketplace, our small operation manifested exceptional growth as our products became known for its quality and efficacy.
Diconex Philippines Inc. is now rapidly becoming a leading direct importer of technology based products and state of the art technologies. Since its inception in late 1989, the company has grown rapidly both in size and diversity of products. The company has gained exclusive distribution rights to a wide range of products of veterinary feed additives for the poultry, swine and aqua industry.
An essential part of our operation is the continued research and identification of products and processes that are valuable to the country’s technology-starved industries. We believe that the introduction of new products that enhances productivity and are cost efficient alternatives is the key to successfully tapping into the Philippines’ burgeoning economy.
Our Mission
Diconex (Phils.) Inc. sees to it that it caters to its clients solely the best products coming from different parts of the world. High quality standards should be the utmost importance in all our operations. Brand New IT Tech.
Our Vision
Diconex seeks to be a vital instrument in the propagation of the essence of the animal nutrition industry by incessantly marketing and representing high quality product with great aplomb.
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